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Born on June 17th 1998 in Detroit, Michigan, JusReese spent his formative years in a low income housing program in Detroit. He still managed to have a love for music instilled in him by his Rap loving father; and Jazz and RnB loving grandfather; going on to drop his first single The Scrapbook in 2020 going by the name JusReese.

When it comes to his musical influences, his main inspirations are Paramore , Juice WRLD, and Nipsey Hussle. Paramore being a massive influence on his sound and Juice WRLD being someone he could relate to. Nipsey Hussle especially was a big motivation for Reese, who feels like Hussle has been a ‘beacon of encouragement’ throughout his early adulthood. While he always maintained a love for Hip Hop; throughout high-school he gravitated towards Alternative & Punk rock bands such as Panic! At The DiscoParamore , Green Day and My Chemical Romance which all heavily influenced his sound.

He makes his music as a reflection of his thoughts. He often talks about his depression and paranoia, his ambitions and goals; his loves lost, and his loves found through his music ultimately hoping to make relatable music that people will love and really connect with.

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